Review: The Manor at Puerto Galera

Reviewed by: SmithersinAU (Auckland, NZ)

It was our first time in Puerto Galera and I chartered a sea plane that landed on a lovely white sandy beach.... I didn't pay too much attention to the beach because the hotel car was there to pick us up right away.

The resort just above the yacht club on the adjoining property, we walked down for dinner at the club later that evening.. the ribs were especially nice however and older and super friendly crowd of people.

Then we visited Sabang 'beach' first and that I really didn't like. It is well known for sex tourists and lady-boys... but each to their own I guess! 

Then we headed off to Talipanan Big White Beach and drank at The Beach Club that was also nice, and well situated. We also went to White Beach and although it was difficult to get to I could see it trying to be Boracy when it is nothing as nice. 

After a few days we found ourselves back at the beach the plane landed us on and wow! We realised the best beach is The Sand Bar and it is walking distance from The Manor! Absolutely beautiful! Underpopulated, clean, amazing bay and restful paradise. We basically spent the rest of our holiday between there and the Manor.

The manor rooms are really nice and well furnished. The staff are friendly and helpful and the owner Bill is very nice too.

The location you cant beat... it is in the middle of everything and adjoining The Sand Bar which must be the best kept secret in PG!

If anything here has been any help please let me know with a helpful vote. It is all I get for taking time to help fellow travelers. Thanks!